Benefit from having a

    Virtual Desktop environment

What does it mean to have a Virtual Desktop?

Simply put, it is having your entire PC in the cloud. As a user you would log into the cloud environment and you will have the same settings, applications and documents just as before.

However, as there is nothing stored locally on your computer it means you could access your desktop from the cloud from anywhere, with any device.

Benefits to your Business?

Cost Reduction

No need to procure very high capacity computers saving on expensive hardware. Instead know upfront what the monthly costs will be for employees tools.

Business Continuity

The virtual desktop infrastructure has been designed with resilience as a high priority. Co-designed with HP to keep your businesses running even if a disaster does strike.

Enhanced Security

Having a virtual setup means we can build in a a greater level of security features compared to what maybe available with a traditional IT setup.


Our solutions are deployed to dedicated servers, dedicated solely to you in an isolated Windows or Citric environment.

Business Agility

Office expansion, accessing work from anywhere, or supporting BYOD, virtual desktops enable you to rapidly respond to changes with your IT needs.


With a starting point of 5 users it is easy to scale up to the volume of use you business needs, as amend as needed.

Every Hosted Desktop includes:

  • Multiple High Availability Servers
  • 24 Hour second and third Line Support
  • High Availability Failover to Secondary Servers
  • Data Stored in UK Data Centers
  • Optional Hosted Exchange Mailbox
  • Secure 256-Bit Encrypted Traffic
  • GDPR and ISO 27001 Compliance

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